Your frequently asked question


What is the Animal King Tail site?

Animal kingdom story site has various features such as audio and video facilities. Through this site, children can listen to the story of Animal Kingdom in audio which are narrated by both female and male narrators in English and they are also able to follow the text and images of the story at the same time.
This story is full of instructive tips for children that will help them to learn various moral concepts such as unity, friendship, cooperation etc.

The pages of the site are designed in such a way that they are suitable for children to use, and children can use the site independently also.

In addition, parents can access to products and books related to the story of Animal King Dom, and through the links introduced on this site, the book of Animal Kingdom and related products, including books, CDs and… are accessible and the users are able to easily buy the products which they want.

Will the story be a sequel?

Yes, the story has been written in series and in the near future other chapters of this book story will be released on the site.