Olympic Song Page 03

Gorilla shouted again, “Start Marching.” His troops followed his order. In a loud voice, he said, “Haven’t you had any food? What kind of marching is that? It’s like you are walking in the park. Now move your feet, higher, higher, HIGHER!”

Bear wanted to move his feet higher but as he did, his trousers ripped at the back. Gorilla heard the ripping noise. He turned around and angrily said, “What was that noise?” Bear, who couldn’t speak properly, said, “Sir, Sir … my trousers…” gorilla came closer, patted Bear’s tummy and said, “Make your tummy smaller.” Bear, still thinking about the conversation between Gorilla and Giraffe said, “Yes sir! I will ask my mom to make it smaller for me.”

Gorilla became angrier and said, “Are you making fun of me? Now wait and see what I’ll do to you.” Bear started running away in his worn out trousers and Gorilla chased after him. The other members of the group thought this was so funny, they fell over laughing. One of them said, “Thank God. We can relax now. What is this marching anyway?”