Good-Bye Olympics Page 10

Back in Animal Kingdom, the Olympic Games were coming to an end. The competition set for the final day was all about flying. Birds would compete in two types of flying; “stamina flying” and “high flying.” Sparrow was registered for the first and Eagle for the second, but neither of them was there.

Cat’s sickness was making everyone sad. Most of the animals were visiting him at the hospital instead of going to watch the Games. The old Lion was worried as well. By now the cat was just lying on the bed, unconscious.

Goat the doctor said, “If we do not give him the extract today, he will die…..”

Everyone was staring at the sky. Hours passed but there was still no news. They were losing hope when suddenly Raven, who was sitting on the hospital’s roof, shouted, “They’re coming…they’re coming…”

Everyone screamed with happiness and excitement. All three were very tired. Goat got the extract and fed it to Cat as quickly as he could. Everyone waited with excitement to see if it would work.

Suddenly, the voice of Lady Lion could be heard down the hall; “Where is the old man…? “ The old lion said, “Oh..oh…oh my…my angel has arrived.” Lady Lion entered the room carrying a pan of her own. “Why didn’t you tell me this extract would remove wrinkles from my face? Now give me some of it.”

Lion said, “My dear lady, we have given it to the cat to …”

Before he finished, she interrupted, hit him on the head with her spoon saying, “Ahh you are never thinking of me…”

Lion touched his head and said, “Oh you are still very beautiful my dear. I even dream of you every night. Can’t you hear me screaming in my sleep?”