Good-Bye Olympics Page 01

It was the last few days of the Olympic Games and the archery competition was about to begin. The main contestants were Fox the Archer and Cute Cat.

Fox really loved to eat cream cakes. In fact, there were always so many bits and pieces stuck on his face that flies would be attracted to him. They were always buzzing around him and this time he had planned to keep them away by wearing helmet and cage that he had made.

Cute Cat always carried a bottle of drink with him and before any competition he always took a few sips. He also loved to chase mice, and that is why the mice didn’t want him to win the game.

Misha led the group that was against Cute Cat. He made a plan to make him lose. He would put some drops of sleeping medicine in Cat’s drinking bottle just before the competition. This would make him sleepy and dizzy and miss the target.

Misha hid himself in a closet in the athletes changing room. When Cute Cat came in to change and laid his bottle down, Misha came out from the closet and started to add the drops of medicine to the bottle. He was in such a hurry to add the drops though without being caught, he accidentally added all the medicine.