Animal Olympic 4

Animal Olympic 4

Animal Olympic-4 (1)

Life-Long Champion

     The Olympic Games continued on with great excitement. There was so much happiness all over Animal Kingdom.

     In one small corner of the Kingdom, two animals sat together making a plan. One of them was Foxy and the other Foxo. They were brothers. Foxy was a gymnastics champion and Foxo a ski champion. They were not anyone’s enemy, but they were a little tricky.

     Foxy said, “We have to win this year. Mima cannot be the winner.”

     Foxo said, “Mima is a clever monkey. He is a master gymnast.” To this, Foxy replied, “I have to be champion no matter what.”

     Foxo said, “We have no choice, we have to cheat.”

     Foxy asked, “What kind of cheating brother?”

     Foxo thought for a second and said, “I will go and ask Spider.”

     Foxy: “Spider?”

     Foxo: “Yes, I will catch some flies and then go and visit Spider.”


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