Who Was Number One Page 07

The weightlifting competition started. It was very close, but Elephant came in first.

Gold has no value in Animal Kingdom. The most precious thing in Animal Kingdom is a red rose. After every competition, they put a rose ring around the champion’s neck.
Raven the Reporter announced, “We now request that His Highness come over and hand out the prizes.”

Lion, who was sitting with his wife and son, told his wife, “They just won’t leave me alone.”
His wife replied, “Be careful what you’re saying this time. Don’t mention my mother, and when you come back, don’t forget my shoe.”

Lion said, “Your Mother… wow, I forgot she was the fourth and the heaviest I ever lifted.” Lady Lion was so angry; she took her other shoe and hit him saying, “You are insulting my mother….”

She hit him so hard that her shoe broke into two pieces. Lion tried to walk down the stairs but now he felt weak. He lost his balance and fell over. Lady Lion screamed, “Oh my God, what have I done? What shall I do? My shoe is broken.”

All the animals were gathered around him not knowing what to do. One of them said, “Let’s take him to the hospital.” His son, Lion Junior was worried. He lifted Lion onto his shoulder. The other animals cleared the way as he carried his father off.