Who Was Number One Page 06

Elephant continued on, “Now I would like to request that Lion allow us to help with this opening ceremony. We can invite other contestants to come over and help lift the weight to show that we can work together. Will you please let us help you, Your Highness?” Lion, sweating heavily replied, “God bless you, please save me.”

Lion then took his teeth from his pocket and tightened them with the string. Bear, Gorilla, and Rhinoceros came forward, and along with Elephant, they all held the bar and help raise it.

Lion held one hand on the bar and the other on his bad back. Everyone cheered as the weight went up. Lion was distracted by all the cheering, and when they put the weight down, he forgot to let go. He fell to the floor and hit his head. His teeth went flying everywhere. He tried to stand up, but he was clearly frustrated. As he got up, he said, “What is weightlifting? Who invented this sport, anyway?”