Who Was Number One Page 04

Now Lion was able to lift fake weights easily. He acted as if the weights were real. He made a weightlifting pose thinking that it would fool the audience. He tried to lift the weight but wondered why it was so heavy. He whispered to himself, “What heavy fake weight. Have I become so old that I can’t even lift fake weights? What a pity that my youth is gone now….!”

Again, he tried to lift the weights, “…eeeee…..eeeee…..y…..”
Again, he couldn’t lift the weight. He was starting to sweat. He took a tissue from his pocket and wiped the sweat from his head. He squeezed the tissue and put it back into his pocket. Again, he tried to lift, but he couldn’t. He thought that perhaps his teeth were keeping him from focusing. He stood still and tried to keep his cool. He even took his teeth out and put them his pocket.

Again, Lion bent over and grabbed the bar. He tried to force it upward, saying, “What a heavy weight, such a heavy fake weight!” He stood up and thought for a moment. He looked at the audience and said, “Before I lift this weight, I’ll tell you a few words about my third weightlifting experience.”