Who Was Number One Page 03

In all the excitement, Lion moved toward the weightlifting platform as the crowd cheered. First, he checked his teeth to make sure they were not too loose. He stood behind the weights and looked at the crowd. He proclaimed, “Weightlifting is…a….great sport! The first weight I lifted was my father. It was when my mother hit him with her shoe. My father was unconscious so I had to take him to the hospital. I lifted him and carried him on my shoulder.”

As he tightened the string on his upper false teeth he said, “The second weight I lifted was my wife. It was a day she wanted to ride a donkey. This was not possible because in our kingdom riding a donkey is banned. I myself had to play the part of the donkey and carry her around….”

Lion was in the middle of this little speech about his early weight-lifting days when suddenly, something from the audience hit his head. He realized it was a shoe, not just any shoe, but his wife’s. His wife was tired of his speech and this was her way of telling him to stop.

Lion rubbed the bump on his head and said, “I really love this shoe. This is my mum’s shoe that she gave to my wife. Being a weightlifter…..I owe these shoes….”

At this point, his wife shouted from the middle of the audience, “My dear, don’t talk too much. It’s not good for your heart.”

Lion realized that he should stop talking and he whispered to himself, “Oh..oh..again, I ruined everything. When I go home, God knows what will happen to me.”

Lion ended his speech and stood behind the weights. He made a special pose like a powerful weightlifter. He focused on the weights. Slowly, he bent over and grabbed the middle of the bar with his two hands.