Who Was Number One Page 01

The Olympic Games had started. A feeling of happiness spread throughout the Animal Kingdom.

On this particular day, the scheduled sport was weight lifting. The Old Lion was the ruler of Animal Kingdom. Years ago, he had been a weightlifting champion. Even though he had retired, the champion weightlifter of the day would invite him to lift a weight to begin the competition. He was getting old however, and could not lift a real weight.

They had made a light fake weight for him. It looked just like the real one. Even though everyone knew the difference, they did not speak of it.

The weightlifting competitions were held inside a big tent. A lot of animals had gathered there to see the competition. Raven was the reporter for this sport.

He began his report by saying, “And now we would ask that our Kingdom Ruler, Sir Lion, come to the front to begin the competition. He was once a great weightlifter and he is the true master of this sport.”