Olympic Song Page 10

At last, as the horn sounded, Fox entered the game square. Slowly from his trouser pocket he removed a cream cake and ate it. Next, he took out an arrow and lit its top on fire. Fox stood with pride in front of the cliff and looked at the torch. Everyone was silent and held their breath. Fox expertly adjusted the arrow and aimed it at the torch.

Fox was ready to shoot but in a moment of bad luck, a fly came buzzing along and sat on his nose, hoping to get any leftover cake that might be nearby. Fox tried to bat the fly away with his hand but the fly would not go. Fox became angry and tried to aim the arrow at the fly instead of the torch. In his anger, he threw the fiery arrow at the fly but it landed on the other side of the green field and hit a tree.

“Fire! Fire! Please help, everyone help! Please help!” Lion noticed that the trees were on fire. He became ready to help. He shouted, “The fire must be extinguished. The jungle is on fire.”