Olympic Song Page 05

“Wow! What nice singing.’ Nightingale was the master of singing and music in Animal Kingdom. She was standing in front of her group on the platform and was practicing with them. They wanted to sing a special song at the beginning of the Olympic Games. Her group members were Tiny Donkey (who had a lot of talent and a nice voice), Calf (whose father had been a master of music), and Hen (who couldn’t really sing at all).

Nightingale said, “All together now…..”

The Kingdom of peace
Our Kingdom
The time comes for friendship and peace

Stand from your place

Nightingale interrupted, “No. That’s not right. You are making it sound much different than your normal voice. Don’t stretch the words too much. It’s not an opera.”

Tiny Donkey said, “Ok misters, Ok.” Again, they started singing;

“The Kingd….”

Nightingale was so bored, “No, no, with this voice, everybody will run away. Now sing slower and smoother.”

Calf said, “Misters, do you want me to sing by myself? Then you will see…”
“The Kind…..”

Misters Nightingale stopped her singing and said, “For God’s sake no! Please just stay quiet.”