Olympic Song Page 02

Sergeant Gorilla gathered his troops in a row. They were practicing marching. They were supposed to march in front of the special guests at the beginning of the game.

Giraffe, who was taller than the others, was standing in front. His trousers were too loose for him and he was trying to hold them up with his hand. Gorilla shouted, “What kind of marching is that? You shouldn’t be so lazy. Why are you walking like that? Move your hand up. Everybody, everybody….”

As soon as Giraffe moved and took his hand away from his trousers, the trousers fell down. Gorilla saw him and said, “Tell your mum to fix those trousers!”

Giraffe came forward and said, “Yes Sir.” He tried to put his hand up to salute Gorilla, but his trousers fell down once again. Gorilla saw this and lost his patience. He said, “Get out of here. Go!”

He held his trousers now with two hands and went to hide behind a tree. He then tried the chubby bear’s trousers but they were too tight. He couldn’t even pull them up and button them completely.