Olympic Song Page 01

The Animal Olympics were set to begin in two days. Everyone was preparing for the opening ceremonies.

The old lion, still the ruler of Animal Kingdom, was pacing in his room. He was preparing his speech, one that he would give at the opening ceremonies. Wise Owl, who was both a teacher and a member of the Animal Kingdom parliament, had written the speech for him. Lion was standing in front of the mirror and began to speak; “My Friends! The hab…habi….habitants of…”

All of the old lion’s teeth had been taken out. That’s why Alligator the Dentist had given him a set of artificial (or false) teeth. The problem though, was that these teeth were too loose. Each time he began to speak, the teeth would flop around in his mouth. Determined to finish, he tried again.

“My Friends! The habita….” Again his teeth moved, almost falling out of his mouth. He became frustrated and angry. He took his teeth out and put them aside. In his anger, he exclaimed, “Being a ruler is so hard! The worst part of it is trying to give a speech! That silly owl wrote such a difficult speech for me. How can I give it with these loose teeth? If I had the power, I would have ordered that the alligator’s teeth be taken out too!”

He started to give the speech once again, this time with no teeth at all. He started complaining again, “How can I say a speech without any teeth? I am really stuck.”