Life-Long Champion Page 11

Lion replied, “It’s really dangerous, I’m scared. If you are still dizzy, you might fall and it’s 300 feet to the ground.

Mima still wanted to try. He said, “You know there is no choice and I am a skilled tight-rope walker.”

Mima did as he said he would and soon, Mima and the other animals were on top of the mountain with the lift. Mima walked along the cable down to the cabin. All the animals were very nervous, afraid that Mima would fall to his death. Mima himself was starting to feel dizzy again, so he moved slowly.

Finally, he reached the cabin and tied the rope to it. He then went back to the top, again slowly so he would not fall. When he finally reached the top, he fell to the ground exhausted. All the animals quickly grabbed the rope and pulled the cabin upward. The cabin slowly moved along to the top and luckily, everyone survived.

In the end, the ski games were held with Foxo coming out the winner. He had been stuck on the lift and felt very lucky to be alive.