Life-Long Champion Page 10

When the nurse left the room, Mima started thinking. The thought of the possible death of the animals made him shiver. He tried to stand but his head was spinning. He slowly crept out of the hospital. The doctor wanted him to rest for another 24 hours but he could not. He had to reach Pearl Mountain as soon as possible. He went home, collected his ropes and started out.

The mountain was covered in snow. That was why they called it Pearl Mountain. A lot of animals were gathered at the bottom of the mountain but none could do anything. Lion was restless. He was pacing back and forth and when he saw Mima, said, “You should be in hospital, what are you doing here?”

Mima pleaded, “Your Highness, please let me help? I am OK. Please let me help save my friend’s life. I have a plan. I can reach the lift and tie the cabin with ropes. Others who are here can pull the rope and bring the cabin to the top of the mountain to safety.”