Life-Long Champion Page 08

The result was clear. Foxy was the winner.

Foxo caught some flies and took them to Spider. When he got there, Spider was sitting in the corner feeling sad. Foxo thanked him saying, “Well done. You have done a great job.”

The spider did not answer. Foxo said, “I have a few flies for you.”

Spider looked up. Angrily he said, “I don’t want the flies. If I had known something would happen to Mima, I would never have done such a thing.”

Foxo replied, “Nothing happened. Now have your flies. They will make you feel better.”

Spider became even angrier. He cried out, “I almost killed somebody just for a few flies. This is ridiculous. I won’t eat anything until I know Mima is well.”

Foxo said nothing and walked away. He started to think about the skiing competition that he himself might win.