Life-Long Champion Page 04

The gymnastics competition was beginning. The large field was all set. Lion, the kingdom ruler, was there to watch. His wife was with him as well. They were sitting in an area for special guests.

The competition had three parts, floor routine, uneven bars, and parallel bars. Mima, Foxy, and Tiger were all competing. Tiger did not score well. Foxy was in the lead, but now it was Mima’s turn.

Everyone was sure he would win. Mima stood in front of the audience and bowed. He was just about to begin but suddenly, he felt a tickling. He started to laugh out loud.

Lion thought that Mima was laughing at him so he checked his own appearance. He even checked his false teeth. He then whispered to his wife, “Everything seems ok, so why is the monkey laughing?”

Lady Lion looked at him and said, “Go look at yourself in the mirror and you will laugh.”