Good-Bye Olympics Page 12

All the animals were gathered at the stadium. The Olympic Games were finally finished. Each member of the audience had a red rose in their hand.

Old Lion took the pan his wife had thrown at him and put it on his head to protect himself from further hits from her shoe.

Sparrow and Eagle entered the stadium as well. As they did, roses thrown by the audience rained down on them. The birds who had won the flying competitions flew overhead as well and presented them with the championship rose ring they had won.

Lion, who was looking on from his special seat, asked Wise Owl, “Where is Misha?”

Misha didn’t attend the ceremony. He was still feeling guilty for what he had done. The owl was just about to answer Lion when Cute Cat entered the stadium with Misha on his shoulder. Everyone started cheering again.

Suddenly, Cute Cat took an arrow with a flag on it and placed it on his bow. He shot it into the sky. It came down and stuck into a tree in the corner of the stadium. The flag unrolled and everyone could see it. The entire animal kingdom stood up and started singing the Farewell Olympic Song:

Our home because of you
Becomes full of smiles and
Olympic Games you gave us
The message of peace
Goodbye Olympics
Come to us again
Bring peace and happiness
To our home.