Good-Bye Olympics Page 11

Lady Lion threw down her pan and spoon and left the room in anger. Everyone’s attention returned to the cat again.

Suddenly, a nurse shouted, “He is conscious. He is conscious.”

Cat opened his eyes. He saw all his friends and relatives around him. Sleepily he said, “My dear aunt, you are here as well?”

Old Lion heard this and said, “Oh no, he is still confused.”

An old cat came near the bed and said, “Yes, your aunty…I am here.” Lion breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I was really worried. I thought he was confusing me with his aunt again.”

Meanwhile, Pigeon came to Lion and said, “Your Highness, all the matches are finished. Everyone in the stadium is waiting for you. Don’t you want to come?”

Lion asked. “Is my wife there?”
Pigeon: “Yes Sir Lion.”
Lion: “Oh…Oh…give me that pan please….”