Good-Bye Olympics Page 09

Eagle shouted, “Hey Sparrow, come over here and sit on top of the basket. I want to fly high.”

Sparrow sat on the basket and held tight. Eagle started flying higher and higher; so high the vultures could not see them anymore. After a few hours, they felt safe enough to fly lower again.

Sparrow then flew further ahead on her own. They went on until they reached the city. They landed beside a river that flowed near a mountain. Feeling tired, they rested awhile and then started to fly again.

It was almost dark by the time they reached the city. People were on their way home from the shopping mall. Even the old man was beginning to close his shop. Eagle and his two friends sat on the roof waiting. The old man finally closed up and then Misha started.

After a while, Misha made a small hole in the roof. He looked down through the hole. A small light from the corner made it bright enough to see around the shop. He then noticed a pan full of liquid. Sparrow looked through the hole as well. She became excited. “This is the extraction pan and that’s the life plant extract in it,” she said.

Misha took a small bottle and tied a string around its neck. He lowered the bottle through the hole and let it sink into the pan. The bottle filled with the extract and Misha quietly brought it back up. They finally had the extract.

They felt very happy and grateful. They even threw a rose they had brought with them down through the hole.