Good-Bye Olympics Page 08

Sparrow felt happy with this and said, “Yes. That is it. We have to take Misha as well.”

In an hour, Sparrow, Eagle, and Misha were ready for their trip. They took a small basket to take some necessary things. They even let Misha sit inside to be carried. Eagle gripped the basket with his powerful claws and started flying. Sparrow flew alongside as well.

They had to pass through the sky over the wolf’s kingdom. A few years back, King Wolf, along with a group of wolves, jackals, and hyenas had taken over this part of animal kingdom and ruled it themselves. Everyone was terrified to go near there. They even had help from the vultures who controlled the sky.

Eagle flew along without stopping or even feeling tired. Misha was still inside the basket and felt very stressed. He thought to himself, “What if Eagle has to fight the vultures? He might lose his grip on the basket and I will fall to my death in pieces….There is no way. Cat’s life is in danger and it’s my entire fault.”

In the distance, Eagle saw a dark moving cloud. Sparrow screamed, “The vultures…the vultures….!” The black cloud was certainly a group of vultures and they fully intended to attack.