Good-Bye Olympics Page 07

As soon as the old lion heard this, he said, “Shhhhh say it lower … if my lady hears that, she will ask all the animals to go and get that for her.”

Wise Owl said, “Now what shall we do? That is too far from here.” Lion thought a little and said, “Quickly, ask Eagle to come over here.”

After a few minutes, Eagle, leader of the Air Force appeared in the sky over the hospital. Slowly, he landed in the yard.

King Lion told him the story about the cat and the life plant. The eagle said, “I will go there myself.” Sparrow said, “I will go with you to show you the way. But our problem is how to get the extract. It is in the old man’s shop. When he closes the shop, he even closes the metal shutter as well.”

Everyone became quiet and started thinking. Misha was there as well. Nobody knew it was his entire fault. He felt very guilty. His conscience bothered him so much; he stepped forward and said, “I guess I can help. I will get into the old man’s shop by going through the roof. I will then open a way for others to enter.”