Good-Bye Olympics Page 06

Everyone was talking about Cat’s sickness. The only known cure was the extract from a plant called “life”, which wasn’t available in Animal Kingdom.

At the Olympic Games, there was a sparrow that had come a long way from the other side of the sea. She had made it through the wolf’s sky. With help from others, she managed to reach Animal Kingdom. She had traveled through many countries on her way.

When she heard of Cat’s sickness, she quickly went to the hospital. Many animals were gathered in the yard talking. Lion sat with a very sad look, talking to the others as well.

Sparrow went to the lion and said, “I know where we could find the life plant.”

Everybody turned their head quickly toward Sparrow. Sparrow continued, “On the other side of the sea, there is a small town. Once upon a time, I had a nest on the roof of a shopping mall. Over there, I saw an old man who had this plant in his shop. Human beings use this plant’s extract to get rid of the wrinkles on their faces.”