Good-Bye Olympics Page 04

As soon as Cat saw the lion running toward him, he kissed him on his bald head. Not being able to see well he said, “Oh my dear aunt, how I missed you so much.”

The old lion was surprised. Angrily he said, “Dear aunt? Do I look like your aunt?” Lady Lion standing beside him said, “Darling, I myself sometimes mistake you for my grandmother.” Lion replied, “You have the right my lady.”

Cat noticed Lady Lion. Looking at King Lion, he said, “Aunty! What is this monkey saying? Is he your new husband?” King Lion thought this really funny and started to laugh, saying, “What a lovely cat! He recognized my husband so quickly. Heh..he…he..monkey….Husband…”

Suddenly, a hit from a shoe regained his attention. Lady Lion was screaming, “Are you making fun of me? Now, I will sort both of you…bang..bang….”

At last, Colonel Tiger calmed everyone down. The cat however, was still unable to see straight and held onto the Colonel saying, “My dear aunty, will you buy a lollipop for me?”