Good-Bye Olympics Page 02

During the archery competition, Fox felt very confident with his special helmet on. He focused and threw his first arrow. It hit the target just a little from the center.

Next, it was Cute Cat’s turn. He took a few sips from his bottle. As soon as he did, everything seemed to look different. He even thought the target was changing its place. He tried to move with it and then shot his arrow. The arrow did not go near the target. Instead, it hit the wooden wall behind King Lion’s head.

Lion and his wife, Lady Lion, had come to watch the competition. Colonel Tiger, the leader of Animal Kingdom’s army, saw what was happening and quickly went out onto the field. Fearing that Cute Cat had tried to hit King Lion, he arrested him immediately. Meanwhile, the audience had gathered around the wall where the arrow had hit and were busy talking.

“He intended to assassinate Lion.”
“No. No way, he cannot even wipe his own nose.”
“He must be an enemy spy.”
“Maybe he lost his balance…………………”