Because Of Friendship Page 04

The next thing she knew, she was waking and saw a dog looking back at her.

At first, she felt very scared, but the dog said, “Hi my friend. Take it easy. You are in Animal Kingdom now.” The dog continued on to say, “I am a border guard in Animal Kingdom. With my binoculars I saw you coming toward our kingdom. Vulture was after you. He shot you with an arrow and you fell to the ground. I quickly crossed the border and brought you to this side.”

Sparrow then replied, “You saved my life. Thank you my dear friend.” Dog then said, “Now tell me who you are and why you came here.”

Sparrow said, “I am a traveler from the other side of the sea. I know a sparrow that has seen your kingdom and told me a lot about it. She said that the Olympics would start in your country soon. I have come from far away to see your kingdom and attend the Olympic Games.”